5 simple ways to inject colour tastefully into your living room

While we often dream of adding more colour into our homes, it can be difficult, and quite honestly, intimidating to know where to start. Although it might seem daring, the simplest and easiest place to begin is with your living room – a space in the home that should feel vibrant, relaxed and most of all, reflect your personality.

Initially, adding colour to your living room may seem overwhelming, however, it’s actually been proven to lift spirits, ease stress and calm even the most anxious of minds.

Unlike tonal shades, incorporating a variety of colours into one space requires some thought. To create harmony in your living room, it’s important to balance out your pops of colour with contrasting and more subtle shades and textures; which, can sometimes involve working with the pieces you already have.

If all this talk about colour has inspired you to kickstart your next home decorating project, we’ve rounded up 5 simple ways you can add colour to your living room – or any space for that matter – below.

Add a feature wall

Although adding a feature wall is a fairly permanent design choice, getting it right can have a significant impact on the room it’s being incorporated in. The beauty of the feature wall is that it’s no longer limited to colour, but also includes texture, shade combinations and can also be easily achieved by using wallpaper instead of paint.

It’s all in the details

While we completely support bold changes, sometimes all your living room needs is a little more attention to detail – achieved simply with the right cushions, throws and soft furnishings. Even in the minimalist space above, the simplicity of adding olive cushions in various tones makes an impactful difference without the heavily lifting.

Make your lounge a statement

The centrepiece of your living room is your lounge, so why not take a risk and go for something that truly makes a statement. Rich colours in luxurious textures are always a foolproof choice, complimented by an occasional chair or two to truly tie the whole room together.

Be purposeful with your art

It may seem like an obvious place to start, but choosing the right art for your living room is one of the easiest mistakes made when redecorating. It’s important to keep in mind where the art will be placed, how much light it gets and how it brings together the rest of the furniture and pieces in the space. Take the image above, for example – a simple touch of complimentary art can anchor your living space without you even realising.

The power of mother nature

Never underestimate the power of greenery in your living room. Whether it’s a simple pot plant placed on your coffee table, or a statement fiddle leaf, mother nature helps breathe new life into any space.