Our Materials

We guarantee your chosen design is produced only with the highest quality materials. We offer a wide variety of materials and colours to choose from when creating our custom-built furniture to suit all personal tastes. We care about our manufacturing, which is why, at DERLOOK, we pay extra attention to the relation between the forms of the design and the material that will best adapt to its shape. We combine superior leather and fabrics with a large variety of solid quality materials for the structure.

For added convenience we offer material samples to reassure customers of their colour choice, fabric and quality.


There are various grades of leather available, depending on the quality and durability demanded by the specific usage.

Top Grain leather:

Top Grain leather is used for designs, which require a strong and reliable material that can sustain heavy weight. It has a thick layer of pigmented coating, which ensures great durability and resistance to stains or sunlight. The surface is sturdy with a grainy relief, and less shade variation. Top Grain leather requires little care and is easy to clean and maintain.
Care Instructions:
Clean with leather cleaner. To condition your leather, wipe the leather with a damp cloth to remove the surface dust, dry completely and then apply leather conditioner.

Textile leather:
Textile leather is a less-expensive alternative to genuine leather. It consists of a synthetic fiber or a natural fiber fabric (cotton) coated with a soft, top layer of PVC or polyurethane. Textile leather adapts to the shape of your body and is very smooth to the touch. Its surface does not crack or fade easily.
Care Instructions:
Dirt and dust can be easily removed with warm water and a mild soap. Textile leather should not be subjected to long periods of sunlight, as this can cause the color to fade and detract from its natural leather look.

Cashmere is a valuable natural fiber and a high quality material. The luxurious fabric provides elegant and soft finish to the furniture as well as a very smooth surface. The texture is fine and strong and has a light, delicate feel. Cashmere is dirt-resistant and does not cause static.
Care Instructions:
To clean cashmere use wool & cashmere shampoo and cold water and keep out of the sun while drying. Do not apply hot water or fabric conditioner as this may cause unwanted effects on the surface.


Fiberglass, otherwise known as glass-reinforced plastic, is a plastic material strengthened by fine fibers of glass. One of the main advantages of fiberglass is its great durability. Even in a tough environment fiberglass is resistant to stains and can withstand difficult weather conditions. It provides a vivid colour and is less prone to scratches.
Care Instructions:
Apply soap and water and wipe off with a damp cloth. Dry the surface with a clean cloth to collect any remaining moisture. To restore shine apply polishing car wax to the surface.


As an alternative to fiberglass, DERLOOK can supply plastic versions of many of its chairs. Plastic is a lighter material than fiberglass and is suitable for various environments and is very easy to maintain and clean.
Care Instructions:
Clean with warm water and any general-purpose detergent. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots. Finish with a coat of car wax for a water repellant shine. Avoid using solvent-based cleaners as some may soften or dull the plastic finish.


For the manufacturing of our products we use high quality timber materials that are carefully selected and used for the production of our products.
Care Instructions for All Timber:
Avoid exposing wooden furniture to excessive heat or sunlight and always protect from warm objects, strong cleaning agents and water. Spills should be wiped up immediately to prevent any damaging effect to the surface. Use wooden furniture indoors only unless it is specifically intended for an outdoor use.
Lacquer finish: Dust with a soft, dry cloth. If there is dirt, wipe down with a damp cloth a dry afterwards. To polish use an everyday spray polish.
Painted finish: Dust with a damp cloth. Clean with a solution of mild, non-abrasive detergent and warm water. Rinse with clean water and dry the surface with a soft cloth. Painted surfaces usually do not require waxes and polishes. Never use oil or any polish containing oil.

Plywood is a manufactured timber material, consisting of at least three thin layers (veneers) of wood glued together. The layered structure makes plywood strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and warping. Laminated wood is generally used for structures that are subject to a great deal of tension, in order to provide extra support. The furniture industry has revolutionized this material and thanks to plywood’s flexibility, entirely new shapes can be created. The individual layers of wood are glued together and placed under a high-pressure mold to form the desired shape. The wood is then sanded and finished as required. This process enables, for example, chairs to be designed from a single piece of plywood.


Marble is a high-quality type of stone that has gained immense popularity due to its structure and fine grain. The unique texture of marble makes it one of the most luxurious natural materials. Its surface has unique whirling patterns and variations of shading.
Care Instructions:
Liquids may leave stains on the marble surface so it is advisable to quickly wipe off spills. For regular cleaning use only mild detergents or marble cleaner with PH of 7, which is neutral.


The glass we use for our products is of a highest standard in terms of strength and durability. We use tempered glass, which is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it falls.
We offer toughened glass in different thicknesses (from 9mm to 21mm) to suit our customer’s taste.
Care Instructions:
Clean with water and mild detergent or a window cleaner. For best results use damp microfiber cloth and dry with soft cloth

Stainless Steel:

For our products we use the most common and widely used type 304 Stainless Steel. It is tough and resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
Care Instructions:
Clean with damp microfiber cloth and an all-purpose spray on cleaner. Avoid highly acidic, alkaline or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the protective coating.