How the Egg is made


Selection of the Italian Leather
Our selection process is carefully approached, ensuring the very best quality materials are provided for every single product produced.


Cutting of the leather
Once the material has been chosen, it is cut by hand to ensure the perfect fit for the chair, this process is tailored for each product.


Selection of the shell of the egg chair 
Selection of the shell involves a thorough inspection ensuring that the chair is of the same standard and consistency every time. This is how we achieve our quality Egg chair.


Preparing the leather for the chair
The leather is prepared for the chair by hand providing a consistent overall finish and comfort that the material with feel comfortable and provide years of wear.



Appling the leather to the shell
The leather is applied to the chair by hand, this way we ensure a perfect fit. It is carefully inspected to guarantee that our customers get the best quality. 



Hand stitching process
The leather is stitched together by hand as our production methods are the same as the original egg chair. The process is carried out with great care and attention. The end product reflects this approach.


Mounting of the chair
The chair is carefully mounted to the stainless steel polished base. At this point some initial testing is carried out.


Fitting of the tilt adjust lever
One of the final pieces is added to the chair. The lever makes it possible to tilt the chair for a comfortable seating position. 


The finishing touch ‘the cushion’
For the extra comfort and as a last touch, the seat cushion is added to the wonderful egg chair.



The chair is complete
Our careful approach provides a beautiful Egg Chair time and time again, ensuring that when you buy a piece of furniture from DERLOOK you can rest assured that there is never a compromise on QUALITY.


Rigorous testing process takes place
in the factory

We have a comprehensive quality control, and our products are carefully tested before they are allowed to be shipped to customers. 


Packing of the chair
The chair is securely packed with the best quality packaging to ensure that your Egg chair arrives safely as in the same condition it left us. 



The final step
Again there is no compromise on quality we go that extra step and ensure further packaging is applied before despatch.


We are happy with the end product!
Once the perfect chair is produced every chair takes the same steps in the build process.