New Zealand Mattress Standard Sizes


Here’s a guide to the standard mattress sizes available in New Zealand:

  1. Single (91 x 188 cm)
    • Suitable for children and single sleepers.
  2. King Single (107 x 203 cm)
    • Provides extra length, ideal for growing teenagers or taller individuals.
  3. Double (137 x 188 cm)
    • A good option for a single sleeper who needs more space or a cozy fit for two in a guest room.
  4. Queen (153 x 203 cm)
    • Perfect for couples, offering a balance between space and comfort.
  5. King (167 x 203 cm)
    • Provides extra width, ideal for couples who prefer more personal space.
  6. Super King (183 x 203 cm)
    • The largest standard size, offering maximum space and luxury for couples.

Keep in mind that mattress depths can vary depending on the brand and construction methods used. Visit our store for personalised advice and to try out different options!